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We are currently adding new products to our catalogue on a daily basis!

Welcome to the TAIN POTTERY online shop, this brief introduction is to assist you in the purchase on our products .
1. Catalogue layout    
When the catalogue loads you will be presented with the entire Tain Pottery range.
There are three methods of navigating through the catalog,
By clicking a navigation button.
By clicking a picture.
By clicking a hyperlink.
(A hyperlink is text typed in yellow which turns blue once you have used it, you may use it again after it has turned blue).

At the top of each page are a series of Navigation Buttons their functions are as follows:

This takes you to the Tain pottery Home Page (the roly-poly plate)

Like the BACK button on your browser, this allows you to go back up a level in the catalogue

This will take you back to the front entrance of the shop with the complete Tain Pottery range.

Our Terms and Conditions, and detailed information on delivery and shipping times etc.

Type in an item and the catalogue will present you with all the items of matching names. E.g. try typing the word mug

With this button you can ADD and DELETE items from your shopping at ANY point in the shopping session. The catalogue will even remember your shopping from one day to the next if you want. This is probably the most useful button in the catalogue

This is the Payment Phase. You pay by credit card and the amount is debited in your own currency. Just make sure you fill out all the REQUIRED boxes ACCURATELY at this stage.

Please do send us email if you have a question or make a mistake. You may cancel or amend your order at any time, even after we receive your order up to the point of dispatch.

2. Purchase an item    
To buy an item choose the item you want and click the button that says Add To Shopping Cart. The next screen asks for your country (the one you are buying from) for shipping and Tax reasons. If you are resident in the USA you will also need to choose your STATE.
This item will be added to your SHOPPING CART after which you will be returned to the item you have just purchased.
3. Changing your mind    
Don't worry about making a mistake - every one does once in a while. If you order the wrong quantity or item or perhaps enter the wrong credit card number etc, simply send us an email and we can cancel or amend the order.
4. Tell us    

Finally .. If you have any problems or questions please email Robert
Or telephone me (44)01862 894112
Fax (44)01862 93306

We would greatly appreciate any comments that you have regarding the operation of this facility as we continually seek to improve its performance


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